Week Wrap-Up // Link Round-Up // July 5-12

It finally cooled off after being unbearably hot and muggy in the beginning of the week.  I do not like heat.  I keep telling Alan that we should move to Alaska, not Connecticut.  I would be very happy to have cold, snowy winters, and cool summers.

I kept up my walks this week.  [I wrote this Wednesday, and on Thursday my heel started really hurting again, so I’m laying off for a few days…] I’m doing heart-rate training (Maffetone method), which has been really fun.  I wear a heart-rate monitor and keep my heart-rate between 136 and 146 bpm.  I slow down going up steep hills, and jog going down hills.  It makes walking (and jogging) into a game.  And the idea is that the healthier you get, the faster you have to go.  In six months or a year, I hope to be jogging or running the whole 45 minutes to one hour!

Alan and I are headed to Hartford this weekend to look at houses.  It’s so exciting (minus packing and moving–ugh.)!

links to interesting things from the internet after the jump 

Death Valley cracks down on sidewalk egg-frying {NBC News, via BBC Travel twitter}

This makes me want to go to Positano!  Of course, that would mean getting my passport renewed.  It finally expired in June.  I’ve had to remember to book international flight tickets in my maiden name, because I never got my passport changed after we got married.  But after 10 years, it did expire.  And that makes me incredulous that I got it renewed 10 years ago to go on a trip in college!  {A Cup of Jo}

And this (and this!) make me want to go to Iceland! {Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot}

Maybe this will make me feel better: success after 30 {Hello Giggles, via Shutterbean}

There are about 13,000 official yellow taxis in New York City. NYC launched CitiBike earlier this year, which has 10,000 bikes.  Imagine how transit in NYC will change! {via Twitter}


What are your weekend plans?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!



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