Week Wrap-Up // Link Round Up // July 27-August 6

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This week has been more of the same: working on the house, Alan preparing for is dissertation defense and writing some papers.

After crazy procrastinating, I finally contacted a real estate agent last week regarding getting our house on the market.  I wanted to finish the bathroom (which I did [mostly] this week!) first, but I also dragged my feet getting that done…  Anyway.  I emailed an agent last Friday, and when I hadn’t heard back on Tuesday, I left a voice mail.  And I still haven’t heard back from her.

So I called a different agent yesterday, and he called me back three hours later!  Excellent!  He’s coming over tomorrow to look at the house and talk about how soon we can get the house on the market.  So today I have a huge list of things to do.  If can get through the first 10 or so, I’ll be in great shape:

Update: I was doing pretty well getting things crossed off my list yesterday.  Then, I was standing on my bed, leaning over Alan’s window, with my foot on his side-table for balance.  I lost my balance, and put too much weight on the foot on top of the side-table.  The side-table has a glass top, and my foot went right through it.  Fortunately my injuries were minor: a few cuts and bruises.  But that kind of killed my momentum.

patch the bathroom ceiling where we took out the wall

trim out the kitchen window, caulk, paint (and put a bit of drywall in the gap)

fill gaps between cabinets [update: I can’t find the pieces of MDF we cut in the fall for this–this may have to wait]

paint 2nd coat on open cabinets [update: this depends on the MDF gap pieces; also on hold]

cut and install some cove molding in the bathroom

take down the broken blinds (thanks Copper & Ptoley!) in the upstairs

clean out the rec room upstairs, which housed all the tools & supplies for the bathroom project (it’s a huge mess) [update: mostly done!]

re-arrange the rec room into a bedroom (since it’s the 2nd bedroom in the house)

tidy whole house / pack boxes with any extraneous items that we definitely want to bring to Hartford / gather yard sale items [update: partially done!]

dust, sweep, vacuum

plant some flowers in the front barrel

trim the front bushes

make some space in the garage, and transfer garage sale items from porch to garage

paint the shutters

paint the front door (second coat)

paint the picnic table

plan and put together a shopping list for re-doing the stairs going up to the front door


links from the last two weeks after the jump

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What are you up to this weekend?


The photo is Ptoley and a chipmunk that lives in our neighbor’s yard.  I’ll tell the story next week, provided I’m not still finishing up my to-do list!



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