This & That

1. The weather finally broke.  I love not being constantly sticky, and not wilting at 11am.

2. The bathroom is almost done.  I have one solid day of work left, and that’s it!

3. I drove down to the Finger Lakes yesterday to celebrate my brother’s 28th birthday.  A bunch of my family is at my grandma’s cottage for the week.  My brother and his family are up from Virginia.  I swam in the lake with the dog, and then went out to a lovely dinner with the family.  When we woke up this morning the lake was choppy, and it was chilly with a breeze.  It was delightful (see #1 above), but not great swimming weather.

4. I bought a night splint for my achilles tendon injury last week.  It’s clunky and awkward to wear at night, but it’s made a HUGE difference already.  I wear it all night, and I rest my foot in it during the day if I’m sitting down for a while.  It keeps the foot flexed (and the achilles tendon stretched) so the tendon doesn’t tighten up.  I’m laying low until August 1st (at least), and then I’m hoping to take some test walks!

5. The best way to get me to clean the house is to send me on a trip.  I hate coming home to a dirty house, so I’ll do all the dishes, clean out the fridge, empty the garbages, tidy, change the sheets, run laundry–the works!