that time our cats jumped out of a second-story window

A few weeks ago the weather got really hot and muggy, and I asked Alan to put the air conditioner in our bedroom window.  He opened the window and screen, and I warned him not to let the cats jump out the window.  They love to be outside, and we let them out occasionally, but only if we’re out with them, and only if the gate is closed so they can’t escape.  Also, I didn’t want them to jump too far, or to get stuck in the big tree outside our window.

view from our bedroom window

Alan kind of rolled his eyes at me and gave me a “yes, Dear” nod, as the cats slipped out the window one by one.  I gave a little shriek,  and scrambled to get downstairs and check on them.  I put on shoes to go outside and close the gate so they wouldn’t escape from the back yard.  Alan seemed unconcerned.

It turns out that they didn’t jump all the way down from the second floor to the ground: they jumped onto the scaffolding. [As the pictures show, we’re not quite done siding the back of the house, which is why the scaffolding is still up.]  I didn’t realize it went that far up, but Alan did–hence our differing reactions to second-story feline defenestration.

Alan didn’t even think I needed to close the gate: he was convinced that the cats would just walk around the scaffolding–that they would be too afraid to jump down.


But within a few minutes, they both seemed eager to get down to the lawn.


Ptoley was braver–he tried to get down first:


And in one big jump, he was down:


Copper was jealous/inspired:


His route was more circuitous. He jumped first onto the lower scaffolding platform:


and then onto the ground:



Those crafty cats!  They were happy to explore the yard for a while and to try to jump over the fences.  For the next few days they tried to push around the air-conditioner and get outside that way.  I think they’ve finally given up, although they like to sit on top of the air conditioner and watch birds in the morning.  It’s cute until they fall, causing bed-side lamps to crash and wake us early in the morning!


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