back from vacation

picnic area in Mill Creek Canyon

picnic area in Mill Creek Canyon

Alan and I are back from a long weekend in Salt Lake City, where we visited Alan’s parents.


Our trip was limited by my health, unfortunately.  My Achilles tendon injury prevented us from hiking.  And my general malaise put a damper on my weekend.


I’ve been fighting an infection for about a week.  I’m on my second (stronger) round of antibiotics, and I still feel miserable.  It’s likely that I’m just experiencing the side effects of the antibiotic: nausea, dizziness, light-headedness.  This antibiotic (cipro) also carries the risk of rupturing tendons.  So I’ve been extra careful with my Achilles tendon.


I also have an inner ear disorder that can make travel quite uncomfortable.  It tends to flare up when I’m sick or stressed out.  And in addition to making me feel dizzy, it makes me very likely to get motion sick.  I was miserable for most of the flights and threw up in the bathroom on both long flights (although it wasn’t as bad as throwing up in a bus bathroom–yuck!).


We’ve been home for about six hours.  I took a nap in my own bed, and am eating a snack.  The snack seems to be helping with the wooziness and nausea.


Back to Utah: we were able to do some fun activities despite my limitations.  On Saturday we went to the Great Salt Lake and went swimming.  I adored being able to swim and move without any pressure on my heel.  Sunday we went to church and then had a nice picnic in Mill Creek Canyon, part of the Wasatch range.  Yesterday we saw Man of Steel, did some shopping (work clothes for Alan!), and went to a super-fancy restaurant to celebrate Alan’s successful dissertation defense.


Have you taken any trips this summer?  What was the best part?  And is there any better feeling than sleeping in your own bed after a long trip?