Bang Bang Shrimp

There’s a seafood restaurant here in town that’s amazing, but a bit expensive. Alan and I used to go, spend a fortune on dinner, and leave stuffed.  But recently we’ve been ordering off the appetizer menu: bisque for me, chowder for him, salad, and bang bang shrimp to share.  It’s much more affordable, and just the right amount of food.

I am gluten intolerant, and avoid gluten as much as I can.  So I decided to try to make the shrimp at home, breaded in coconut flour, not wheat flour.  It took a few tries to get it right.  First, I used all coconut flour, which was too strongly flavored and too dense.  So I added some arrowroot powder to lighten the breading.

Then I stopped double-breading the shrimp, and switched to single-breading.  I would toss the raw shrimp into the coconut/arrowroot, then into the egg wash, then back into the coconut/arrowroot.  Again, it was too thick, too dense.  A lot of fried shrimp recipes are super breaded, but I decided I like a slightly more delicate crust.

I use bottled sweet chili sauce and bottled Sriracha sauce for this.  I’m going to try to make paleo versions of both (sweet chili, Sriracha), to make this even healthier.

Here’s my recipe and technique.  I can actually whip this up in about a half-hour after school, which makes a seemingly complicated recipe weeknight-friendly!

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