birthday dinner, in photos



hot pot at Yummy Garden Restaurant

Angus beef, sliced thin

swirl the beef in the boiling broth

cooked beef

dip in sauce


Multi-colored birthday cake!



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Saying Good-bye

Alan brought me to the airport this morning to say goodbye.  First, we went to Panera…

…and then to the UPS store to mail off the cite packs that I finished.

We got to the airport around 9:30.  I checked my suitcase and garment bag, and then we said goodbye.

It’s going to be a long summer apart, even if it is full of adventures…




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bike camping

Yesterday Alan and I loaded up our bikes and headed to Canandaigua.

Alan's Bike  |  Eliza Everyday

Alan’s bike

My bike  |  Eliza Everyday

my bike

(BTW, we had to repack the cargo—bungee cords weren’t cutting it!)

Our route was along the Canal path as far as Pittsford, and then south to Canadaigua.

Our route  |  Eliza Everyday


We got this far:

We got this far  |  Eliza Everyday

The rim on Alan’s rear wheel was cutting into inner tubes.  He replaced the tube right before we left, and it was flat within three miles.  He’s had this problem before, and tube after tube is punctured.

So we decided to head back.  We had two spare tubes, but didn’t want to get super far from home and be stranded.  Alan worked on replacing the tube, and I biked home to get the car.  After he started back, the new tube went flat, and I had to rescue him.

We were both pretty bummed.  I spent a week reading up on bike camping, digging camping supplies out of the basement, and planning how to put it all on our bikes.  We headed to Nick Tahou’s for dinner.  Neither of us have ever been, and Alan wanted to experience a Rochester tradition.

Garbage Plate  |  Eliza Everyday

garbage plate

He didn’t love it.  I got a hot dog, which was okay.  We walked across the street and got some Abbott’s ice cream.  Then we drove home and watched an episode of Sherlock on Netflix.  And then this morning we biked to Panera for breakfast.

Even though we didn’t get a chance to try a long bike trip and to camp out, we did spend some good time together and got some biking in.  We’re off to a wedding this afternoon!  Should be a good time!



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bike date

Tonight Alan and I biked to Highland Park, then to Pellegrinos for subs, and back home.

bike date route  |  Eliza Everyday
Map from Google.  Our route wasn’t the most direct—we got a little lost between Mt. Hope and the Park

our bikes locked up so we could walk around the park  |  Eliza Everyday

our bikes locked up so we could walk around the park

the reservoir  |  Eliza Everyday

the reservoir

view from the top of the hill—the city is somewhere behind those trees

Alan testing his new camera lens


Alan, taking more pictures

azaleas (I think)

Cuban sandwich from Pellegrinos

It was a good night :)



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special dinner

Yesterday I was driving home from Buffalo, and I called Alan (as I usually do) to talk about dinner plans.  The menu on the fridge says we should have tofu coconut curry with snow peas and rice.

But, for the first time ever, Alan said, “I took care of dinner.”

I said, “what?”

“Don’t worry about it.  It’ll be at 7:15.  Oh, and you should wear a dress or something.”

After quite a bit of asking, begging, and pleading on my part, Alan held firm, and wouldn’t tell me what was up.

So I came home, did some work, watched some hulu (I missed all my NBC comedies Thursday night!), curled my hair and put on a dress.  Alan came home around 6:40, took a shower, shaved, and put on khakis (!) and a long-sleeved (!) button-up shirt (!).

looking for a belt

I drove (as usual), and Alan directed me to………


I’ve heard their commercials since I was a kid, but I’ve never been!  Good job, Alan!

We went to celebrate a lot of cool things that have happened in our lives (mostly my life, probably) in the last few weeks.

1. I got accepted to work for the UNDP in Kosovo this summer.

2. I found out that my trip will be funded through the Buffalo Human Rights Fellowship.

3. I was elected as Editor-in-Chief for the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review for next year.

I want to work in international development and human rights law, and the past two weeks have been a huge reassurance to me.  (I also was accepted at a summer program with IJM, the other organization I dream of working for, but ultimately decided to go with the UN.)

Back to dinner:  We ordered arancini for an appetizer.  I’ve tried to make arancini before, and I wanted to see how mine compared.  Theirs are better.

Alan ordered lasagna, and I had lobster fettuccine.  So delicious!  And the prices were not as super-expensive as I thought they were: maybe just one step up from Macaroni Grill.

after dinner

statue outside the restaurant

It was a lovely dinner, and a really nice night.  Thanks, Alan!



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