Christmas: Excessive Consumption or a Chance to Do Good?

I linked to this last year, but I wanted to highlight it again.


[AC] 2012 Promo – Basic from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Every time I watch this it brings tears to my eyes.  It’s a relatively small sacrifice–foregoing a just few gifts, not all of them–and it can literally be life changing for a village without water or a victim of human rights violation.

Here are some organizations that will take your small donation and do real good:

Agricultural Development and Support

Heifer International

Samaritan’s Purse*

World Vision*

Child Sponsorship

Compassion International*

World Vision*

Human Rights

Amnesty International

International Justice Mission*


Charity Water

Living Water*

*Indicates faith-based organization

Do you include charity in your gift giving traditions?  Do you go through other organizations?  Share them in the comments–I’m always looking for good charity organizations!

When Alan and I married, we set up a charity registry, as we both had plenty of dishes.  We tell our friends and family that we prefer charity gifts for Christmas and birthdays–last year our favorite Christmas gift was two chickens!



Did you find a typo in the post?  Let me know here.

Advent Conspiracy

“Just 1% of the annual Christmas spending in the US could mean 1 million rescue operations with the potential to free millions and put slave owners out of business for good.”




Did you find a typo in the post?  Let me know here.