introducing Brickhaüs

It looks like we got the house!

The seller wanted her attorney to review the contract before she’d sign off on it.  That happened today, and the latest we heard from the realtor, the attorney had reviewed the contract and all was good.  But we still don’t have the signed contract quite yet.

Nevertheless, it looks like our offer will be accepted!


My emotions are mixed.

+ I’m glad to have our offer accepted.  It’s a good feeling.

– I’ve never even seen the house in person, so I’m not really attached to it (the way I was to the other house).

– I feel slightly bad knowing another buyer wanted the house.  Apparently they’ve wanted it for a while, and had a hard time getting financing together.  I know how it feels to want something for a long time, and for someone else to swoop in and buy what you wanted.

– We’re moving to an apartment tomorrow, and so I’m packing up our current house.  It’s work, and it’s emotional–this was our first home together, and I really love it.

– We haven’t sold our current house yet, and that has to happen before we can go forward with the new contract.


It’s good.  It’s really good.  The house seems adorable and well maintained, and it’s on a lot of land (for a city house), and it’s in a nice neighborhood, and it’s near Alan’s work.


Hopefully I’ll be firmly on the “happy” side of things next week: we will be packed and moved to Connecticut, and I’ll get to see the house in person.  I’ll definitely take photos to share!


Happy weekend!   I’ll get back to posting links/round-ups once we’re settled in CT.




waiting, again

I am on hold with Connecticut Natural Gas.  This is the third time I’ve called.  Apparently when they pull up my social security number it has my maiden name listed.  So they’ve requested that I fax over a copy of my social security card, and my marriage license.  I filed my name change with Social Security four years ago.  Sigh.

So I faxed it yesterday, but apparently it didn’t go through.  I found this out after waiting on hold for more than an hour.  The representative said to “just call back real quick” after I faxed it.  Ha!

It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have prepaid cell phones.  It’s cost me at least $10 to wait on hold so far…


We’re also waiting to hear about the offer we made on the brick house.  We weren’t planning on making an offer so quickly, but someone else made an offer, so it was now or never.  I love that house, and I’d be thrilled if our offer was accepted.  There are lots of other houses for sale in the area, so we’ll be okay either way.  And every time we make an offer, we get closer to having all the paperwork and such that we’ll need eventually, so that’s good.


I am also packing boxes this week.  It’s not difficult, but it’s been hard for me to do.  I don’t know if it’s the symbolism of moving, or the heaviness (literal and metaphorical) of all our possessions, or what.  It’ll all get done, because it has to get done.  I think I’m going to conscript my friends who come over for Ladies’ Night to help me wrap and pack dishes :)


I’m still on hold…  I just hope I can get through before they close for the day…!


Update: 25 minutes later, I’m still on hold.  But at least I can find some humor in the situation.  Instead of playing their desired message (something like: “your call is important to us; please stay on the line”), there is a computer voice that says “CNG message 2 dot wav,” which obviously the file name.  It’s pretty funny.




new chapters

Today is Alan’s first day of work!  I’m so, so proud of him.  He’s at a hotel in Connecticut, and I’m still here in Rochester, working on the house.  I wish I could be there to eat breakfast with him, and see him in his work clothes.  But I’m sure he’ll be great.


So we didn’t get the house.  Our offer was more contingent than the other offer.  We have to get our house sold before we could go through with the contract.


By the time I heard back last evening, I was prepared to be okay with either outcome.  See, I had told my mom that we put in an offer, but that there was another offer in at the same time.  And she jumped on Zillow to look at other houses in East Hartford.


She sent me an email Saturday night with the subject “isn’t this the house you love in Indiana?”  I went to college in Indiana, and drove from Rochester to Upland dozens of times.  Every time, I drove through the town of Angola, and passed this house:


I love the red brick, the white shutters, the front door, the ivy.  It was my dream house.

And here is the house in East Hartford:

East Hartford house


It’s really similar, right?  I still prefer the double-wide windows in the Angola house, but wow, I like this house!


It’s a touch bigger than the other house, and 50% bigger than our house now (1,500 square feet v. 1,000).  And it’s a touch more expensive than the other house, but still really affordable.  The inside is covered in wallpaper.  It’s really well done, but really dated and not my style.


Alan’s going to try to go see the house this week.  Our house here in Rochester will be listed on the MLS this week, so things are happening!