Surprise Birthday

Crappy iPod pictures of the best birthday party I ever had.
Thanks to my awesome friends for braving the weather, to Kate R. for hosting in her exceedingly charming home and cooking delicious food, and to Alan for coordinating it all even as he prepared for a big job interview!



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Happy Eliza Jar

When Alan asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said, “Happy Eliza Jar.”  So one night Alan took a jam jar and a bunch of index cards, and wrote one happy memory of us together, or one reason he loves me, or one goal we share for the future on each slip.  It’s my favorite gift ever!

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birthday dinner, in photos



hot pot at Yummy Garden Restaurant

Angus beef, sliced thin

swirl the beef in the boiling broth

cooked beef

dip in sauce


Multi-colored birthday cake!



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back in the swing of things

Well, I (Eliza) have been back in the US for a whole month now, and I’m just back in the swing of things!  Law school and grad school classes started a few weeks ago, and everything needs to get started for my academic journal (the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review).

Today is Alan’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Alan!), and I’m going to cook some steaks for dinner.  I pretty much only cook steak once a year, on Alan’s birthday.  I guess I sometimes cook it on Valentine’s Day, too.  Can you see the pattern?

My goal is to get back into blogging regularly, although probably closer to once a week.  I will post photos that never made it to the blog this summer (trip to Greece!  and Sofia!), and other updates on our lives (we’re residing the house this fall!).

It’s good to be back :)



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Dad’s 52nd Birthday

Tonight we went to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim’s house to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.  The attendees were me & Alan, Debbie & Jim, my parents, my grandma, and my cousin Dave and his wife Tara and their baby Emma.

me and Alan

My mom made a delicious lasagna…

and my dad’s favorite double-chocolate cake!

Emma “helped” my dad open his presents

Do you think he liked the present we got him?  It’s a Lowes gift card.

Emma was the belle of the ball.  She’s the first (and only, for now) great-grandchild on my side of the family.

My grandma (her great-grandma) especially enjoyed spending time with Emma.  My grandpa died recently.  It was so nice to be together as family, even though it was difficult to not have him there.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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