Week Wrap-Up // Link Round-Up // Jun 8-14


Happy Father’s Day this weekend!

Monday I drove to Niagara Falls to have lunch with my old co-workers from an internship four summers ago.  They are the greatest, and it was so, so good to catch up with them.

Last night I talked on the phone with Alan at 10:15.  He told me he was working overnight, as he has for the last six weeks or so (his typical hours are noon – 4am.  Yes, that’s 16 hours).  I asked him if he’d be home next week at 10:15, hanging out with me.  He said he hoped to!  The end of the dissertation is in sight!!!


Are you a journaler?  I just started a new journal.  This post has me itching to start a dinner diary, too. {Dinner, A Love Story}

My Ladies’ Night has just finished watching Wives and Daughters.  Up next, also by Elizabeth Gaskell, is North & South, which apparently has the most romantic ending of all time (check out the post’s comments).

The grammar of this makes me a little twitchy, but I signed up for iDoneThis.  It’s a simple service that emails you daily to ask what you accomplished that day.  You reply to the email and it keeps track for you.  It reminds me of the maxim: What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.    {via Daniel Pink on Lifehacker, via The Well-Appointed Desk}

This has been all over the internet the last few weeks: Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes.  It’s a great example of how systematic problems call for systematic solutions. {BBC News Magazine}

With Google Reader closing shop soon, I’ve transitioned to feedly.  While it’s nice to scroll through all the posts and read those that interest me most first, I really, really miss the “next” button in my bookmark bar.

Do you have any mini-series recommendations?  Any plans for the weekend?  Would you use a cardboard box bassinet? 


photo is homemade cream of broccoli soup with cheddar, which is packed with vegetables and delicious
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that time our cats jumped out of a second-story window

A few weeks ago the weather got really hot and muggy, and I asked Alan to put the air conditioner in our bedroom window.  He opened the window and screen, and I warned him not to let the cats jump out the window.  They love to be outside, and we let them out occasionally, but only if we’re out with them, and only if the gate is closed so they can’t escape.  Also, I didn’t want them to jump too far, or to get stuck in the big tree outside our window.

view from our bedroom window

Alan kind of rolled his eyes at me and gave me a “yes, Dear” nod, as the cats slipped out the window one by one.  I gave a little shriek,  and scrambled to get downstairs and check on them.  I put on shoes to go outside and close the gate so they wouldn’t escape from the back yard.  Alan seemed unconcerned.

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our house the day we got married; now


Do you think we should paint the shutters white and put them back up?  I didn’t think so, but these pictures have me leaning towards “yes.”