Week Wrap-Up // Link Round-Up // Nov 17-23

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  I hope you at lots of turkey yesterday (and maybe some pumpkin pie), and are still a little sleepy from it.  I am skipping out on Black Friday–it’s just not my thing.

My sister is in town from Boston, and tomorrow we’re going to get pedicures.  It’s crunch time at school, and I’m looking forward to a little rest and relaxation.

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I brought these mashed potatoes and this braised cabbage to early Thanksgiving, and this salad to regular Thanksgiving. {The Pioneer Woman | Nom Nom Paleo | Shutterbean}

Have you heard of Task Rabbit?  It’s like the eBay of odd jobs.  Right now some of the top tasks are waiting in line for Black Friday and doing holiday gift shopping.  Would you outsource your shopping? {Task Rabbit}

Speaking of gifts, I’m much more of a World Vision or Heifer International gift person. {World Vision | Heifer International}

I suppose we’re officially in the Christmas season.  I’m going to practice these Christmas songs for my ukulele, and maybe play some at our Christmas party this year. {Ukulele Hunt}

This week I watched Brené Brown‘s two TED Talks (one on vulnerability | two on shame), and bought her newest book Daring Greatly for my Kindle. {via Your Super Awesome Life}

Does this make you want to shave your head?  Or is it just me? {exactly}

Let’s all just agree that commuting in the rain stinks. {Bikeyface}

Coca-Cola cost the same (5 cents) for seventy years! {NPR | via The Everywhereist}

I know it’s Thanksgiving turkey-time, but this Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka-Masala looks amazing. {Meal Planning 101 | via LoobyLoo}



(Photo of paint pigments in Morocco from Legal Nomads)



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