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It looks like we got the house!

The seller wanted her attorney to review the contract before she’d sign off on it.  That happened today, and the latest we heard from the realtor, the attorney had reviewed the contract and all was good.  But we still don’t have the signed contract quite yet.

Nevertheless, it looks like our offer will be accepted!


My emotions are mixed.

+ I’m glad to have our offer accepted.  It’s a good feeling.

– I’ve never even seen the house in person, so I’m not really attached to it (the way I was to the other house).

– I feel slightly bad knowing another buyer wanted the house.  Apparently they’ve wanted it for a while, and had a hard time getting financing together.  I know how it feels to want something for a long time, and for someone else to swoop in and buy what you wanted.

– We’re moving to an apartment tomorrow, and so I’m packing up our current house.  It’s work, and it’s emotional–this was our first home together, and I really love it.

– We haven’t sold our current house yet, and that has to happen before we can go forward with the new contract.


It’s good.  It’s really good.  The house seems adorable and well maintained, and it’s on a lot of land (for a city house), and it’s in a nice neighborhood, and it’s near Alan’s work.


Hopefully I’ll be firmly on the “happy” side of things next week: we will be packed and moved to Connecticut, and I’ll get to see the house in person.  I’ll definitely take photos to share!


Happy weekend!   I’ll get back to posting links/round-ups once we’re settled in CT.




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