finishing in the apartment

Alan and I finished moving out last weekend. I had hoped to finish myself, but 1. there was a bunch to do, 2. I really dislike packing/moving. I posted on Facebook Saturday that Alan is a good mover/packer, and I am not. And you’d think that it would be a good combination, but it isn’t. It was frustrating for us both.

There’s just a bit left to be done today. I’m here at the apartment with some all purpose spray, a bucket, a bunch of microfiber clothes, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, an empty milk crate, and a few ratchet straps. I’ll use the ratchet straps to bundle some pieces of plywood we used to protect the carpet under tools and bikes. Hopefully the remaining few items will fit in the milk crate. And the rest of the supplies are pretty self-explanatory.

It’ll be great to be done with the apartment. And it’ll be even better if the apartment is re-rented before our lease is up in early March!


Woah, has it been that long since I blogged?  Time flies!


Things here are good.  I joined a gym at the beginning of October, and it feels good to both challenge my body, and to have something to do again.  I like having someplace to go three times a week, and I like meeting new people.  This whole waiting-to-get-relicensed-in-CT thing can be really isolating.


We’re still not closed on the house in Rochester, although it should be any day now.  I’m acting as our attorney, and it’s been a mixed bag.  On the one hand, it saves us a few bucks and I get to use my degree.  On the other hand, I’ve never done this before, and it’s all new, and it’s not super fun to be such a beginner.  Also, it’s taking for-ever to get documents from Rochester.  I’m hoping that everything that I ordered two weeks ago arrives this week, and we can finally close this thing!!


And then we have to close on the house here in East Hartford.  I have an inspection scheduled for Tuesday, so that’s exciting.  I also have to hire an attorney, and get things rolling on the mortgage.  I believe we are supposed to close on that house by November 29th.  Once we have the cash from selling our house, things should go quickly with getting the new one, which is nice.


Alan and I have been looking for a church in the area, which has been an interesting experience.  I’ve lived several places in my life, but this feels like the first time I’ve ever had difficulty finding a church.  I went to a Christian college, and pretty much everyone went to church, so it was just a matter of tagging along with friends until I found one I liked.  In both China and Kosovo churches were scarce, so I found a home group and went there.  And even though I didn’t go to church with my parents when I returned to Rochester as an adult, I went to a big, well-known church in Rochester that had a good young adults group, and it was kind of a n0-brainer.


We’ve visited three different churches so far, and have liked parts of each.  I really want to go somewhere that has teaching I agree with, and ministries that are focused on helping the community.  We went to Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church today for the second time.  They’re showing an IJM film this week, and seem to have lots of cool ministries.  There was a guest speaker today who is looking at starting a church plant in the city, so we spoke to him after the service.  Alan and I both have a heart for the city, and would really like to go to an urban church.  It sounds like the church plant is still a bit far off, but it was great to talk to this pastor today.


Well, Alan is rowing on his erg, and I’m tidying up the apartment for the week.  I’ll try to write more regularly, especially as we get closer to moving into the house.  It’s still a little unbelievable, but I’m getting excited!


Questions of the day:

What would you like to know about our lives here in CT?  How are you enjoying the change of the season?



introducing Brickhaüs

It looks like we got the house!

The seller wanted her attorney to review the contract before she’d sign off on it.  That happened today, and the latest we heard from the realtor, the attorney had reviewed the contract and all was good.  But we still don’t have the signed contract quite yet.

Nevertheless, it looks like our offer will be accepted!


My emotions are mixed.

+ I’m glad to have our offer accepted.  It’s a good feeling.

– I’ve never even seen the house in person, so I’m not really attached to it (the way I was to the other house).

– I feel slightly bad knowing another buyer wanted the house.  Apparently they’ve wanted it for a while, and had a hard time getting financing together.  I know how it feels to want something for a long time, and for someone else to swoop in and buy what you wanted.

– We’re moving to an apartment tomorrow, and so I’m packing up our current house.  It’s work, and it’s emotional–this was our first home together, and I really love it.

– We haven’t sold our current house yet, and that has to happen before we can go forward with the new contract.


It’s good.  It’s really good.  The house seems adorable and well maintained, and it’s on a lot of land (for a city house), and it’s in a nice neighborhood, and it’s near Alan’s work.


Hopefully I’ll be firmly on the “happy” side of things next week: we will be packed and moved to Connecticut, and I’ll get to see the house in person.  I’ll definitely take photos to share!


Happy weekend!   I’ll get back to posting links/round-ups once we’re settled in CT.





We put in an offer on a house in CT today.  Waiting is the hardest part…  I am in love with the house, and will be super-bummed if we don’t get it.

In other news, Alan’s moving to CT Sunday.  For all my hoping that he’d have some time off before he started work, he’s still at school.  He’s been there all day (we did go out to dinner, but then I dropped him back off), and he won’t be home for a bit.  10:30pm on a Friday.  Well, this is the last time that should happen!  I can’t wait for him to be on a schedule that tells him to go home in the evenings.  And the company runs on an 80-9 schedule: they work 80 hours in nine business days, instead of 10.  I believe the hours are 8am-6pm Monday through Thursday, and 9am-5pm every other Friday.

I got a bunch of work done on the house today.  But I’m definitely a morning person, so I think I’m going to go to bed, rather than staring at my phone, willing it to ring and tell me we got the house (which is ridiculous, since it’s 10:30 at night, and no one calls this late).

‘night :)



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