cat basket & finals

Last week I read The Joy of Less on my Kindle, and for the first time the minimalist thing clicked with me.  Don’t keep things you don’t need.  It’s so simple!

I eyed the basket in the picture above.  I bought it years ago to hold magazines, but it was quickly claimed by Sebastian (our cat at the time).  I found an inexpensive cat bed that I slipped into the basket, and boom: it was a cat basket.

Copper and Ptoley mostly ignored the basket.  Sometimes they’d sleep there if the fire was on.  But mostly it just sat under a chair, taking up space.

I was looking around the living room, finding things to toss or donate, and I came to the cat basket.  “Do the cats even like this anymore?” I asked Alan.  He didn’t know.  I said that I’d give the cats a week, and if no one went in the basket, I’d toss it.

I pulled the basket out from under the chair, and snuggled it up to the fireplace mantle.  I picked Copper up and plopped him in the basket.  He jumped right out.  I tried to get Ptoley in the basket, but he did that cat thing where he stiffened all his legs, put his claws out, and refused to put all four legs in the basket at the same time.

I thought I might coax Ptoley into the basket by putting his sheepskin in it.  He loves that thing, and sleeps on it almost exclusively.  I put the sheepskin in the basket–it hung way over the edge–and went on with my day.

Soon I found Copper in the basket, wedged in with the sheepskin.

So I had the brilliant idea to cut the sheepskin.  One part would go in the bottom of the basket.  The other part would go back on Ptoley’s chair.  It always hung down over the side of the chair anyway.  So with a few quick measurements–“measure once, cut twice,” Alan added helpfully–I had two pieces.  The one fit perfectly in the bottom of the basket, and the other covered the seat of Ptoley’s favorite chair.

Now, if I can’t find Copper, I look in the basket.  He loves it.  He kneads the sheepskin, and curls up in the basket, even if there’s no fire.

It’s nice that they’re using the basket, but I’m a little bummed.  Copper used to snuggle me, and knead my tummy.  I’ve been replaced by a sheepskin in a basket…  On the other hand, Copper likes to lay on my arms when I’m studying, and then give me very annoyed looks when I use my arms.  So it’s nice that he has somewhere he can curl up and be happy.


I am in my final eight days of the semester/my master’s degree/graduate school!  I can’t believe its going to be o.v.e.r!

Posts will be light this week–probably just some cat pictures.  I’ve got a few more projects to finish up, and I want to do a good job.  This is it–my last chance to be a good student!

Once the semester is over, I’m going to tackle more of the house.  I’d like to clear the clutter before our Christmas party.  It’ll be nice to have a clean house for the party.  It’ll also be nice when we move to DC to not move a bunch of stuff we don’t like or don’t use.

I’ll be back 12/12 with more posts, recipes, stories, and pictures!


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