Burned Buns

The other day I was making Alan some pizza burgers for lunch.  I tossed the hamburger buns under the broiler for the last minute.  Turns out a minute was too long. (Side note: the digital timer on our oven can’t be set for less than one minute.  It seems like a design flaw to me…)

one burned bun

Rather than toss the burned bun, I got out my cheap grater…

cheese grater

(Pardon the cheese crumbs!)

…and scraped it lightly across the surface of the burned bun, sharp side down.

scrape lightly

A thin layer of burned bits will come off, but the bun will still be toasty.


It also works on burned banana bread.  Sure you could just cut the burned part off, but then you lose all the crust, which is the best part of banana bread.  Also, this method works better than scraping the burned part with a knife.  The sharp grater seems to be the ideal scraping plane.  (I’m a burned food expert, apparently…)

So I hope you’re better than me, and that you won’t have to use this trick!




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