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My name is Eliza.

This blog is an incomplete account of my life.  There is content on school (I am trained as a lawyer and a city planner; my husband Alan is an optical physicist) and work.  There are mundane pictures of our lives: lots of cat pictures, pictures of our house, pictures of dates and outings.  I also like to tell stories on the blog of things that happened in my life recently.  When we travel internationally the blog explodes with photos and stories: some of my favorite blog entries are from Germany and Macedonia.

I am an attorney who specializes in providing legal services to non-profit organizations.  I’m licensed in New York, but Alan and I are moving to Hartford, CT this summer for his new job.  It will take me some time to get licensed in Connecticut, and I am planning to open my solo-practice law firm in June 2014.

In the rest of my life I love to cook.  I have a bike and I enjoy riding it, especially to restaurants and the grocery store.  Most of my hobbies involve creating things: cooking, knitting, gardening, painting.  I also love to read books: fiction and non-fiction.

I hope you stick around and that you enjoy your time here.  Feel free to drop me a line in the “CONTACT” tab.