More carrot coconut soup with swirls of Sriracha ready for quick lunches and dinners.

More carrot coconut soup with swirls of Sriracha ready for quick lunches and dinners.Last night I got home from a Planning & Zoning Commission meeting at 9:45.  Alan hadn’t had dinner either, so I grabbed two of these, a jalapeno chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, some sharp cheddar cheese and some rice crackers.  Five minutes later, both bowls of soup were warmed (in the microwave), and topped with browned, sliced sausage: cheese and crackers were served on the side.


Update: this is the recipe Carrot-Coconut Soup with Chili and Lime 


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This morning church was delayed by an hour, so Alan and I decided to go snowshoeing.  We found a trail about a ten minute drive from our house.  After figuring out parking, we clomped down to the trailhead, which was obscured by a huge snowbank.  Alan scrambled up and over it–I went around.  The snow was deep and even with my snowshoes, I sunk down to my knees with every step.  Alan got as far as the trail head.  I fell and got stuck.  We turned around, and trudged back to the car.  It was a good idea, but the snow was too soft and too deep.


When we got home, Alan let the cats outside, and they also struggled through deep, soft snow.  They spread their paws out to increase the surface area, and kind of swam to the porch.  I think they didn’t like being stuck in the snow any more than I did.