So, I’ve been working!

I started working June 2, which means I’ve been working:

  • 8 weeks
  • 56 days
  • 1344 hours

(do you guys use timeanddate.com?  It’s great!)

Eight weeks.  It seems like I’ve kind of been working there forever!   It’s a really good job, and it’s a really good fit with my background.  I am an associate at a small (4 lawyers) land use law firm.  We specialize in municipal law, planning and zoning, and wetlands law.  We also do some real estate law, some tax foreclosures, some wills and estates.

The job is 9-5, plus evening meetings.  Of the 8 weeks I’ve worked there, 6 weeks have had two meetings, one had one meeting, one had none.  It’s not unheard of to have three meetings.  The meetings definitely make for a long day.  I still try to get to work around 9:00am.  We work until sometime between 3:30 and 5:30 (depending on travel time to the meeting), then drive to the town, eat dinner at a restaurant and strategize about the meeting, then attend the meeting.  The meetings usually start at 7:00 or 7:30pm, and can last from one to four (or more!) hours.  I always get home after 10:00pm (after the Fairfield nights [see below] I got home a little before 1:00am).

Two weeks ago I had two meetings in Fairfield, CT, which is a good 90 minute drive.  And the meetings were contentious public hearings for affordable housing developments, so they went late.  Fairfield has an end time of 11:00pm, which is unusual.  Most towns just go until it’s done.  There are stories around the office of meetings going until 2:30am!  Fortunately, that is the exception.

It’s been an adjustment, physically, to the work schedule.  The first weeks were rough.  I slept a lot, and weekends were so short!  But I seem to have turned a corner.  This weekend I actually tried to take on some home improvement projects!  That’s an improvement from my “just survive” mentality up to that point.

I’ve been sworn into the Connecticut bar, so I can go to court in Connecticut and sign court documents.  I’ve done both of those things, which is thrilling!  I framed my diplomas, and my name is now on the office door (!!!).

It’s definitely been an adjustment to working, but it’s been so good.  It’s good to be doing what I trained so hard and so long to do.  And it’s nice getting a paycheck!  I hadn’t worked for pay since before Alan and I married, five summers ago.

Here is a photo of the sky outside our house right now.  We had odd weather today: rain in the morning, steamy sun in the afternoon, and ominous clouds in the evening.  Alan says it reminds him of tornado weather, but I’m not sure he’s ever lived in tornado country before…



All the best,