starting, again

Hello, again!


After an extended quiet period, I’m back.  I have news: I got a job!  Starting Monday, I will be an Associate Attorney with a small, Land Use law firm in the greater Hartford area.  It’s a very good fit for me with my Law degree and my Master’s in Urban Planning.  I am just thrilled to be finally (finally!) starting my career.


The last eighteen months have been tough.  December 2012 I finished my Master’s degree.  I had already graduated from law school in May 2012, and I already had taken and passed the New York bar exam.  But December 2012 is when I started waiting.  I waited nine months for Alan to finish his PhD, so we could move.  Then I had to wait six months to take the Connecticut Bar exam, and another three to find out if I passed [I did!].


I didn’t enjoy waiting.  Sure, my friends would mention that they’d love an extended vacation, and yes, it’s been nice to take daily naps if I want.  But I realized early on that rest is only rest if you’re resting from something.  The weekend is sweet because you’re going back to work Monday.  Getting up every day with an entire, open day in front of you gets tiresome and demoralizing.


On the other hand, I really learned how to be alone in these eighteen months.  And I think it’s been a good lesson.  I’m more comfortable being alone with my thoughts, alone in the quiet.  I used to get quite frustrated with the time between 5:00pm, when I wanted Alan to come home, and 7:00 or 8:00, when he actually arrived home.  I hated that quiet, alone time.  I wanted to be talking about my day, making plans for the evening or weekend, discussing dinner or current events.  I wanted to go right from school/work to talking.  I’ve learned to be happy with some quiet, alone time.


I have lots of fun things to tell you about.  Since I’ve gone quiet, I’ve taken up crosswords and Crossfit.  We’ve started to renovate and redecorate the new house.  Alan and I found a church we really like, and have gotten involved in small groups and service.  I bought a whole new work wardrobe (see above RE: Crossfit), and am embracing the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  For nine months, I got to be close to my sister (she was in Boston, we’re 100 miles away in Hartford), and then I got to help her move to Minnesota for an awesome new job.  I’ll work on telling some of these stories, as well as new ones that haven’t happened yet.  I’ll also continue to link to my Instagram account, so you can see snapshots of my life (which is mostly the cats).


Well, today is the last day of my 18 month vacation.  I’m going to do some grocery shopping and maybe take a nap.  :)