finishing in the apartment

Alan and I finished moving out last weekend. I had hoped to finish myself, but 1. there was a bunch to do, 2. I really dislike packing/moving. I posted on Facebook Saturday that Alan is a good mover/packer, and I am not. And you’d think that it would be a good combination, but it isn’t. It was frustrating for us both.

There’s just a bit left to be done today. I’m here at the apartment with some all purpose spray, a bucket, a bunch of microfiber clothes, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, an empty milk crate, and a few ratchet straps. I’ll use the ratchet straps to bundle some pieces of plywood we used to protect the carpet under tools and bikes. Hopefully the remaining few items will fit in the milk crate. And the rest of the supplies are pretty self-explanatory.

It’ll be great to be done with the apartment. And it’ll be even better if the apartment is re-rented before our lease is up in early March!

in the house/projects!

Hello!  Long time, no see!

We closed on our house in Rochester mid-November, and closed on our house here in East Hartford last Monday (12/9).  I didn’t share much here on the blog while it was happening, because things got complicated and frustrating, and it looked like things might not work out (with either house!).  But, thankfully, we were able to both sell our old house and buy our new house!

Last Friday, Alan took the day off.  We rented a U-Haul, and moved our furniture, most of our tools, and a bunch of boxes that we never unpacked from our first move in September.  We’re not completely out of the apartment: that is the topic of the second half of this post.

This past Monday (12/16), the previous owner, Angela, who had lived in this house for either her entire life (of 70+ years) or at most of her life, came by to tell me about the house and the landscaping.  I was holding my breath and waiting to start on projects until after that visit.  I didn’t want her to come by and for her beloved home to be torn up.  So now it feels like I can really do things around the house, like strip the wallpaper that is in every room.

wallpaper  |  Eliza Everyday

 photo courtesy of the real estate listing for the house

And as I mentioned above, we are still not completely moved out of the apartment.  So right now I have four priorities:

1. move out of the apartment

2. get settled in the house

3. begin projects around the house

4. study for the CT bar (which is in about 2 months!)

It’s much more fun to begin projects around the house than it is to move the last bits out of the apartment, or to dive into Admin Law.  But it is much more important to get out of the apartment.  The sooner we can vacate, the sooner they will re-list our place.  If they can find a tenant to move in, we can stop paying rent!  It’s also very important that we get settled in this house.  It took me years to feel settled in our Rochester house (don’t move right as you start Law School, if you can help it!), and we lived in half-unpacked stasis in the apartment for the past three months.  I want things to be put away and organized and tidy here.

I want to both document our progress, and share it with you (and keep myself accountable), so I’m going to post some before and after pictures.  This will cover points one through three above.  First up is moving out of the apartment.  After we finished moving big stuff last Friday, this is where we ended up:

apartment before  {Eliza Everyday}

apartment before  {Eliza Everyday}

apartment before  {Eliza Everyday}


These pictures don’t show the upstairs (which is about the same in terms of chaos, but half the size of the downstairs), or the kitchen (which is tidy, but not packed).

After an hour of work this afternoon, here is one “finished” corner:

apartment after  {Eliza Everyday}


I’m boxing things up, recycling and tossing as much as possible, and getting things in order.  I’m also bringing a carload of stuff back to the house every time I go.  My goal is to have the apartment boxed up and tidy, so that I can more easily bring things to the house, and so that if I need Alan to help me he won’t have to spend time packing, just moving.  I’m going back this evening to work on another corner, and I’ll update this post with another picture tonight.

Update: here is a pic from Wednesday


Well, I’m going to do some tidying/settling here, as well as put a coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets.  The kitchen is currently quite chaotic, but that is a topic for another post (tomorrow?).



Oh, and I will finish my house-cleaning mini-series, eventually.  Hold on, it’s coming!