mustard roasted potatoes

Mix dressing ingredients (top panel) together.  Parboil potatoes, toss with dressing.  Broil six minutes, stirring halfway through.  Top with sunny-side-up egg (optional).

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I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast most mornings.  From time to time, I mix it up by making migas.  We buy chips and salsa almost every week, but they disappear pretty fast around here, since they are Alan’s favorite snack.

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Apple Crisp


apple crisp  |  Eliza Everyday

I’ve tried bunches of Paleo/grain-free crisps and crumbles, and they were never quite “right” to me.  So I made this one up, and it is everything I want in a crumble: sweet, tender-yet-crispy, delicious.  I usually make it with sour cherries and almond extract.  This is the apple-cinnamon version.

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