back in the swing of things

Well, I (Eliza) have been back in the US for a whole month now, and I’m just back in the swing of things!  Law school and grad school classes started a few weeks ago, and everything needs to get started for my academic journal (the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review).

Today is Alan’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Alan!), and I’m going to cook some steaks for dinner.  I pretty much only cook steak once a year, on Alan’s birthday.  I guess I sometimes cook it on Valentine’s Day, too.  Can you see the pattern?

My goal is to get back into blogging regularly, although probably closer to once a week.  I will post photos that never made it to the blog this summer (trip to Greece!  and Sofia!), and other updates on our lives (we’re residing the house this fall!).

It’s good to be back :)



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